What is IT Asset Disposal Certification?

What is Asset Disposal?

It is important to ensure data privacy is carried through to IT asset disposal. This makes sure all traces of personal or business-sensitive data are erased and therefore unable to be recovered.

Usually, this happens after hardware reaches its “end of life”.

What is Asset Disposal Certification?

The ICO has been working with ADISA who are experts in IT asset disposal to create a certification standard for companies. As a result, companies can certify their compliance with best practices in asset disposal.

The Methodology of ADISA is to audit asset disposal companies for best practice yearly (two visits) as well as undertake unannounced audits for companies to maintain their asset disposal certification.


Certification schemes can really help data controllers put their trust in a process. We believe that this achievement for the ADISA ICT Asset Recovery Standard 8.0 will make data controllers life much easier as by building it into their vendor specification. They can be assured that their data processors or sub-processors are being measured against criteria which have been approved by the ICO.

Steve Mellings, Founder of ADISA

Who Needs Asset Disposal Certification?

If you manage an asset disposal company, then certification is required for many of your customers.

For example, a requirement of a first-party contractor (the data controller) such as a government body may be to engage companies (data processors) in tenders that use certified asset disposal organisations.

As a result, this mitigates the risks of any client data debris being left on systems.

As a customer of an asset disposal company, you will find that unless they have ADISA accreditations, they will not be recognised as secure disposal service. Therefore this asset disposal company will not meet the criteria for many large contracts.

How Do We Find a Certified IT Asset Disposal Company?

There are currently around 50 certified companies in the UK.

This number is growing as the certification becomes more well recognised. You can find your nearest organisation by visiting this link.

How Do You Become ADISA Certified?

To become certified for IT asset disposal, it is recommended that you download the certification standards for the UK and EU. You can then enquire about being certified with ADISA through their website.

What are Some Asset Disposal Courses?

ADISA runs courses useful such as:

  • ADISA Internal Auditor Course. For internal certification.
  • Adisa secure and sustainable asset retirement course. For people within asset disposal organisations.
  • Data protection officer in a data processor course. For DPO’s within any company.